Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Security Department

Equipment Tender for Security Systems

Preparing the technical specifications of 6 equipment tenders, for security systems end-equipment.
The tenders included the following fields:
  • Intrusion and end-equipment – wired and wireless systems, magnetic switches, passive and active IR detectors, integrated detectors and more...
  • CCTV systems – cameras of various types, motorized cameras, selectors and switches, monitors, digital recording systems, etc.
  • Intercom systems – point-to-point systems, analog systems, video/intercom systems.
  • Public address systems – speakers, bullhorns, amplifiers, mixers, oscillators.
  • Power supply systems – over-voltage protection units, power suppliers, UPS units.
  • Cables and infrastructures – The whole variety of cables for installing and operating the aforementioned systems, including communication cables, wireless equipment and electricity, cable trays and cable guides.