CCTV System for Monitoring and Motion Detection

Bar Ilan University - Security Department

A security project in the Bar Ilan University campus, which includes: consulting, planning, preparing specification and tender documents, reviewing the proposals, recommending a winning contractor, and managing the project.
The project includes the following systems:
  • A motion detection system using VMD CCTV cameras in the perimeter of the campus.
  • An array of motorized cameras for monitoring and automatic integration in the VMD cameras array.
  • An array of cameras and monitoring stations in the libraries.
  • A communications array based on broadband (1Gb) fiber optics.
  • A monitoring, recording and watching system which includes:
    • 220 cameras
    • 15 communications and recording centers
    • Dozens of decentralized recording servers
    • Alarm monitoring system and command and control applications to control the events