Campus Command and Control Center

Bar Ilan - Vice President of Construction and Maintenance Office

The project of constructing a command and control center in the Bar Ilan University campus, which includes: consulting and planning. The preparing of specification and tender documents, reviewing the proposals, recommending a winning contractor and managing the project will be done in time to come.
The project includes the following fields:
  • Characterizing and defining the needs and applications to operate the command and control center.
  • Consulting and accompanying the process of choosing a maintenance and electro-mechanical systems managing application.
  • Consulting and accompanying the process of choosing an application to manage the control center, and preparing the operating procedures.
  • Characterizing and defining the hardware and software interfaces.
  • Characterizing and planning the architectural and ergonomic design for the control room.
  • Characterizing and planning the monitoring, command and control, and communication systems in the service center and in the control room.